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Squash - Triamble (10 seeds)

Squash - Triamble (10 seeds)

This unusual squash is triangularly shaped with a blue rind. The flesh is very good for eating. They make great fall decorations too! 100 days

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Squash, Winter - Acorn, Table Queen (20 Seeds)

Acorn, Table Queen (20 Seeds)

These acorn shaped squash grow to about 6".  Heavy yielding and keeps very well.  Delicious baked!  80 days

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Squash, Winter - Burgess Buttercup (20 Seeds)

Plants are of bush habit and produce 3-4 lb squash that are dark green and somewhat blocky in shape. Bright orange flesh is sweet and flavorful. An excellent baking squash.

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Squash, Winter - Butternut, Waltham (20 Seeds)

Butternut, Waltham (20 Seeds)

Buff colored 4-5 lb. squash that are solid with meat and a small bulbous seed cavity. Sweet orange flesh is ideal for baking and freezing. We just cut these in half and roast them in the oven...delicious!! The vines get quite large, so you'll need some extra room for this variety. 110 days

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Squash, Winter - Cushaw, Green Striped (10 Seeds)

Cushaw, Green Striped (10 Seeds)

Similar in shape to a crookneck summer squash. This green and white striped variety can grow up to 30 lbs. Flesh is a light orange color and can be used for pies. 90 days

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Squash, Winter - Cushaw, Yellow Striped (10 Seeds)

This yellow and white striped variety can grow up to 30 lbs. Flesh is a light orange/yellow color and can be used for pies. Also makes an interesting fall display when mixed in with the many other interesting shaped squash.

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Squash, Winter - Delicata (20 Seeds)

Delicata (20 Seeds)

1894 - Offered by Henderson Seed Company in the late 1800's - Vines produce a good number of oblong cream yellow and green striped squash. Flesh is a light yellow color and is very sweet.

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Squash, Winter - Blue Hubbard (10 Seeds)

Hubbard, Blue (15 Seeds)

1800's - Light grayish Blue squash are long and tapered at both ends and can weigh up to 25-30 lbs! Dry orange flesh has a great flavor and is one of our favorites for freezing. Squash need to be sliced or broken into chunks for baking. 100 days

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Squash, Winter - Hubbard, Large Green (10 Seeds)

Hubbard, Large Green (15 Seeds)

14 - 18" long classic green hubbard squash.  Bright orange-yellow flesh is sweet and delicious when baked.  110-120 days.

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Squash, Winter - Hubbard, Orange (10 Seeds)

Hubbard, Orange (15 Seeds)

105 days.  Delicious, just like blue hubbard, but this one has an orange/red color on the shell.  Great for cooking and freezing.

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Squash, Winter - Jumbo Pink Banana (10 Seeds)

Jumbo Pink Banana (10 Seeds)

105 days. (C. maxima) Large, pink banana-shaped fruit, can weigh 10-40 lbs. This variety is about 100 years old. We have grown this squash for many years, fine flavored, dry, sweet orange flesh, popular on the west coast, large yields.

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Squash, Winter - Long Neck (10 Seeds)

Long Neck (10 Seeds)

A relative of the butternut squash, these are delicious to eat and very easy to peel.  Keep well.

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Squash, Winter - Spaghetti Squash (20 Seeds)

Spaghetti Squash (20 Seeds)

1934 - Japanese origin. These oval yellow colored squash have a very stringy flesh that can be scooped out and used in spaghetti dishes. Mild flavor

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Winter Squash - Queensland Blue (20 seeds)

These unusual blue-green squash are originally from Australia.  They have deep ribbing and beautiful grayish foilage.  The bright orange flesh is quite sweet and delicious!  Stores well.  110 days

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