Traditional heirloom tomatoes...cherries, beefsteaks and every size in between.  All delcious!

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Burgess Red Stuffer Tomato - (20-25 Seeds)

Burgess Mammoth Wonder

This tomato resembles a pepper, has thick walls and is slightly hollow. It is great for stuffing/baking, but also has a very good flavor on it's own. Large vines need staking. Indet., 78 days

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Calypso Tomato - (20-25 Seeds)


High yield of 3-4" round red fruit with very nice taste. 75 days. RED

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Canestrino I Tomato - (20-25 Seeds)

Canestrino I

A blocky red paste tomato that is very meaty with few seeds. Name means "little baskets".  Great mid-season producer.  Good for stuffing.  Red

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Chadwick Cherry Tomato - (20-25 Seeds)

Chadwick Cherry

This is a wonderful large red cherry tomato.....very prolific!  Great'll be eating them as you pick! 70 days

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Chalk's Early Jewel Tomato - (20-25 Seeds)

1899. Good producer of medium-sized round red fruit. Mild sweet flavor. 70 days. RED

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Cosmonaut Volkov Tomato - (20-25 Seeds)

Cosmonaut Volkov

Beefy red Russian tomato is named after the first Russian Cosmonaut. Very productive. Sweet and juicy.  75 days, Indet.

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Cuore de Toro Tomato - (20-25 Seeds)

Cuore de Toro

An heirloom variety from Italy. Oxheart shaped fruits weigh up to 2 lbs!!! A very sweet tomato that is an excellent producer. This is one of our favorites and always a popular variety. 78 days, Indet.

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Cuore di Bue Tomato - (20-25 Seeds)

Cuore di Bue

Medium sized oxheart shaped fruits similar to Cuore de Toro but have greenish shoulders. Very meaty with few seeds. A great old Italian heirloom. Italy Red

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Cuostralee Tomato - (20-25 Seeds)


Large red beefsteaks are a favorite late-maturing variety. Great classic tomato flavor. Meaty and disease tolerant. Indet., 98 days. 

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Delicious Tomato - (20-25 Seeds)


A very large red beefsteak that produces 1-2 lb. meaty solid fruits. Fewer fruits on a plant but their size makes up for the numbers. You need some big hamburgers with this one!  They really are delicious!  Indet., 78 days  Red

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Droplet Tomato - (20-25 Seeds)


Very small pear-shaped fruits. Early and prolific yields. 65 days. RED

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Druzba Tomato - (20-25 Seeds)


A large producer of 12 oz. fruits over a long growing season.  High in acid....great for canning!!  One of the best tasting red tomatoes.  Originally from Bulgaria. Red

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Dwarf Gem Tomato - (20-25 Seeds)

Dwarf Gem

Small orange-red cherry tomatoes have a sweet flavor and grow on a small bush type plant. High yields. Determinate, 65 days. RED

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Early Peru Tomato - (20-25 Seeds)

Early Peru

Medium sized pleated fruits are bright red and have a sweet flavor.  One of our early varieties. 75 days. 

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Eva's Purple Ball Tomato (20 - 25 seeds)

Eva's Purple Ball

From the Black Forest region in Germany.  Pinkish-purple fruits are round and blemish free.  Excellent producer in hot climates, very disease resistant.   Indet., 75 days

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Ferris Wheel Tomato - (20-25 Seeds)

Ferris Wheel

Medium sized oblate pink fruits with an excellent sweet flavor. Very productive. Originally offered by the Salzer Seed Company in 1907. Red/pink  Indet., 90 days

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German Pink Tomato - (20-25 Seeds)

German Pink

1-2 lb. fruits are very sweet and have little cracking. A delicious pink tomato! 85 days. 

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Greek Domato Tomato - (20-25 Seeds)

Greek Domato

Produces a very heavy yield of great tasting fruit averaging 10-11 oz. Greek origin. Red  75 days

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Happy Jack Oxheart Tomato - (20-25 Seeds)

Happy Jack

This medium size heart-shaped fruit is red/pink. Good yield and great taste. Indet., 80-85 days.

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Hawaiian Currant Tomato - (20-25 Seeds)

Hawaiian Currant

A sweet, pea-sized fruit. Great for children's gardens! You'll get LOTS of tomatoes from this one. 80 days. RED

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Henderson's Crimson Cushion Tomato - (20-25 Seeds)

Henderson's Crimson Cushion

A large red pleated beefsteak 1-1.5 lbs. in size with a delicious old time flavor.  Introduced by the Henderson Seed Company in 1898.

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Henderson's Pink Ponderosa Tomato - (20-25 Seeds)

Henderson's Pink Ponderosa

A productive pink beefsteak tomato offered by Peter Henderson & Co. at the turn of the century. Good yields make this flavorful variety a good choice.  Indet., 80 days

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Homestead Tomato - (20-25 Seeds)


A high yielding variety that produces some of the nicest uniform red tomatoes around. Solid tomatoes are juicy with an average amount of seeds.  Indet., 78 days

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Howard German Tomato - (20-25 Seeds)

Howard German

5" elongated fruits have a dry flesh and few seeds. Paste. 90 days. RED

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