Heirloom tomatoes that are orange when fully ripe.  They are usually on the mild side.

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Alice Brewer Tomato (20-25 seeds)

Alice Brewer

One of the earliest varieties. Slightly pointed orange fruit grows on 4' vines. Excellent mild taste. 70 days. 

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Indian Moon Tomato - (20-25 Seeds)


This variety, originally from the Navajo, gives you a great harvest of beautiful, medium sized, globe-shaped tomatoes in shades of orange-gold. Very meaty and flavorful. Indeterminate, 75 days

  • Price: $2.95

Persimmon Tomato (20-25 seeds)

Persimmon Yellow

Medium sized orange/yellow tomatoes which produce 60-70 tomatoes per plant.  We have had these bear from July through early October. 76 days

  • Price: $2.95

Amana Orange Tomato (20-25 seeds)

Amana Orange

Large orange colored fruits originally from the Amana Colonies in Iowa.  Big and delicious!  Indet., 90 days

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Branscomb's Orange Tomato (20-25 seeds)

Branscomb's Orange

Compact plant with orange fruit that with very deep orange flesh. 4-6 oz. globe shaped fruits have mild flavor. 80 - 85 days. 

  • Price: $2.95

Caro Rich Tomato (20-25 seeds)

Caro Rich

An orange 4-6 oz. tomato which is extremely high in Beta Carotene which gives rise to the name and wonderful orange color.   Smaller fruits but very prolific.  Indet. 75 days

  • Price: $2.95

Dixie Golden Giant Tomato (20-25 seeds)

Dixie Golden Giant

Very large orange beefsteaks that surprised us as to how well the plants beared. 1-1.5 lb tomatoes are great for slicing or diced in salads or salsas. Indet., 80 days 

  • Price: $2.95

Dwarf Gem Tomato - (20-25 Seeds)

Dwarf Gem

Small orange-red cherry tomatoes have a sweet flavor and grow on a small bush type plant. High yields. Determinate, 65 days. RED

  • Price: $2.95

Elbe Tomato (20-25 seeds)


Gold-orange beefsteak tomatoes have very sweet taste. Do well in wet season. 80-85 days. 

  • Price: $2.95

Isis Candy Tomato (20-25 seeds)

Isis Candy

A great tasting multi-color cherry that is a beautiful mix of red, yellow, and orange. Orange, indet., 67 days

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Jaune Flammé Tomato - (20-25 Seeds)

Jaune Flammé

Clusters of egg-shaped orange-red fruit. Excellent taste. indet., 65-70 days. 

  • Price: $2.95

Kentucky Beefsteak Tomato (20-25 seeds)

Kentucky Beefsteak

From the hills of Eastern Kentucky.  Deep orange colored fruits are up to a pound...sweet and colorful.  Somewhat late in ripening.  Indet., 80 days Orange

  • Price: $2.95

Moonglow Tomato - (20-25 Seeds)


Good yields of bright orange, medium sized tomatoes with a wonderful sweet/mild flavor.  Low acid.  Indeterminate.  85 days

  • Price: $2.95

Orange Von Googenburg Tomato (20-25 seeds)

Orange Von Googenburg

Heavy yields of orange-yellow cherry tomatoes.  Delicious!  75-80 days. YELLOW/ORANGE

  • Price: $2.95

Prize of the Trials Tomato (20-25 seeds)

Prize of the Trials

A small orange cherry type tomato which is an excellent bearer of heavy clusters of 6-8 fruits  Great for slicing in salads.  Orange

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Tangerine Tomato (20-25 seeds)


 Bright yellow/orange fruits are tangerine shaped and good producers. Yellow/Orange

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