Garlic Bulbils - Phillips (15-20 Bulbils)

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This is a package of 15-20 Phillips garlic bulbils.  Phillips is an heirloom hardneck garlic variety that isnamed for a town in Maine  Mature bulbs are a purple striped color and are known for storing very well.  Cloves have a slightly spicy flavor.

These are bulbils "seeds", not bulbs "cloves".  Bulbils are harvested from the scapes of the garlic, and can be grown to become mature bulbs.  Why grow bulbils?  Well, they are much less expensive than garlic bulbs, they multiply quicker, and they will give you a stronger, more disease-free result.  They can be harvested and re-planted until they reach maturity or they can be used in their younger stage as you would green onions or chives.  Each package comes with complete growing instructions.

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