Backyard Heirloom Garden Sampler (15 varieties)

beefsteak sampler
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  • Item #: TBBG1

This sampler is an excellent gift for your family gardener!  15 varieties of quality heirloom, non-GMO vegetable and herb seeds, each individually packed.  Includes 1 package of each of the following: Bunching Onions (50 seeds), Oakleaf Lettuce (100 seeds), Green Arrow Peas (50 seeds), Boston Pickling Cucumber (25 seeds), Scarlet Nantes Carrot (100 seeds), Ruby Queen Beet (50 seeds), Contender Bean (50 seeds), Cherry Belle Radish (100 seeds), Red Russian Kale (75 seeds), Italian Sweet Pepper (20 seeds), Jalapeno Pepper (20 seeds), Black Cherry Tomato (10 seeds), Brandywine Beefsteak Tomato (10 seeds), Genovese Basil (30 seeds), and Straightneck Squash (15 seeds).  Each variety is individually packaged, and planting guide is included. 

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