Heirloom tomatoes that require a shorter growing time.  Perfect for zones with a short summer.

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Auld Sod Tomato - (20-25 Seeds)

Auld Sod

Great early producer with large yields of juicy, plum-shaped tomatoes.  Quite juicy.  Very popular in Ireland. 72 days  Indet.

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Glacier Tomato (20-25 seeds)

Black Zebra

Very early variety has 2.5" red fruits that are quite sweet.   Determinate, 58 days.

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Matt's Wild Cherry Tomato - (20-25 Seeds)

Matt's Wild Cherry

A very prolific producer of dime sized cherry tomatoes that have an extremely sweet flavor.  This variety originates from Mexico where it grows in the wild. High sugar content.  Indet., 65 days

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Bloody Butcher Tomato - (20-25 Seeds)

Bloody Butcher

Very early and very productive plant producing loads of small 2-3 oz. Round red tomatoes with a greenish shoulder. Flavor is not too sweet but not tart. These are great if you have a short growing season. Loaded with seeds. Red 65 days, indet.

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Cuore de Toro Tomato - (20-25 Seeds)

Cuore de Toro

An heirloom variety from Italy. Oxheart shaped fruits weigh up to 2 lbs!!! A very sweet tomato that is an excellent producer. This is one of our favorites and always a popular variety. 78 days, Indet.

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Droplet Tomato - (20-25 Seeds)


Very small pear-shaped fruits. Early and prolific yields. 65 days. RED

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Early Annie Tomato - (20-25 Seeds) SOLD OUT

Early Annie

This plant produces many perfect 3" round, red tomatoes with great flavor. This is one of the best tasting early varieties. Bush type plant does well in small spaces. Determinate, 60 days RED

  • Price: $2.95

Early Peru Tomato - (20-25 Seeds)

Early Peru

Medium sized pleated fruits are bright red and have a sweet flavor.  One of our early varieties. 75 days. 

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Ficarazzi Tomato (20 - 25 seeds) SOLD OUT

ficarazzi tomato

This plant will need to be staked as it produces loads of irregular-shaped fruits with acidic flavor. This early variety is good for sauce. Originally from Italy. 65 days.

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Mountain Princess Tomato - (20-25 Seeds)

Mountain Princess

Medium sized red fruits are borne in clusters of 5-8. Not loaded with flavor but they are very early for those with a short growing season. 75 days, indet.

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Mule Team Tomato - (20-25 Seeds)

Mule Team

Medium sized red fruits bear continuously on this hardy heirloom up through the beginning of fall. Delicious fruits.  Indet., 78 days

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Oregon Spring Tomato (20 - 25 seeds)

oregon spring tomato

Developed at Oregon State University, these small 2" round red fruits will be the first you'll pick this spring! Early plants give abundant yield of juicy tomatoes. indet. 60-65 days

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Polar Beauty Tomato - (20-25 Seeds)

Polar Beauty

A very early tomato for short season gardeners. Good flavor for an early variety.

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Siberian Tomato - (20-25 Seeds)


A very early medium sized red tomato. Flavor is average but great if you are limited to a very short growing season. Russian origin. This variety was reported to be smuggled out of Russia in the 70's. Indet., 50 days

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Thessaloniki Tomato - (20-25 Seeds)


Originally from Greece, this heirloom variety has high yields of uniform, red fruits that are meaty and delicious. Deep red color on round fruits that are about the size of a baseball. Resists cracking. Indeterminate. 68 days

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